Meet The Team


Akshita Mehra


Prerana Desai


Lavanya Prasad

Creative Director

Easily Amused | Ambivert | Seeker

All about experiential design.

A sucker for organising, detailing

& alignment.

Geoffrey Bawa fanatic.

Can not live without potatoes.

As grateful as can be.

Says 'Ummm' a lot.

Architect & Interior Designer

Wayfarer | Witty Kitty | Inspired

Serial Manifester.

Lover of aesthetics and design.

Curious about the How-To's & Why-Not's.

Process > Results

Can be found in the nearest

grocery store/library.

Interior Designer

Mountain Girl | Dog Mom | Empath

Former psychology student turned designer.

When in doubt always turns to pastels.

Interests include Illustration, Graphic Design, decluttering laptops and

actively hating on fruits.


Anmol Uppal

Past Collaborators

Sanithra Raju

Grishma G

Usha Wadhwani

Tanvi K

Architect & Interior Designer

Buoyant | Candid | Mellow

A sucker for dreamy views.

Admires lush, sublime spaces.

Contemplating the balance between less & more.

Bi-petual but secretly a cat herself.

Sings sometimes.