The Pizza Co.

The name is derived owing to the fact that Pizza's belong to the baker's department and we have tried to maintain the charm of a traditional bakery. The space is warm, intimate and quaint. We have used firm colours like black, white and grey with hints of wood to add to the warmth. The colours are offset by copper elements to add to the sophistication.


Nestled in an old house on 12th Main Indiranagar, The Pizza Bakery leads you from one passageway to another. The different levels in each space encourage you to explore each zone.

The interiors explore rusticity with a certain chic-ness which is brought about using marble table tops, the french Tolix and Kasson Chairs and geometric tiles layed in the herringbone pattern. The grunge elements involve the cement drop lights and a rope light installation.  

Most walls are engulfed with varied slick, geometric patterns in black and white adding a certain newness to the traditional bakery setup.


First Floor Layout

Second Floor Layout