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Goya in Urdu translates to 'The suspension of disbelief & amazement that occurs in good story telling; a story that feels like reality.'


Our work reflects quiet, understated, handcrafted luxury with a hint of nostalgia for the discerning user. 

Our founder and creative director Akshita Mehra says 'design is about discovery and we are a curious bunch who believe that spaces are like stories that encourage conversations.

We prioritize functionality over appearance and trust that design is a culture. We aim to focus on usability, accessibility and sustainability thereby making our designs responsible. Our work is deeply affected by observation and behavioral patterns of humans.

We love to take on challenges, question and look for solutions to problems. This helps us in the process of continually learning and evolving to be better designers.

We do not follow trends and aim to make each design unparalleled. We attempt to create thoughtful spaces and feel that our designs should be a medium of visual expression

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